Lieux & Typologie(s)

Espaces marginaux et interstitiels de la ville dense

Collaborations & Partenariats

Collaborations : multiple

Partenariats : Choreography+Urbanism

Objet(s) de la mission

In the quest of « Performative Urbanism » we believe performativity can unfold new practices to initiate creative urban regeneration processes. Using performance based protocols in early stages of a project can help to reveal hidden affordances of abandoned or unprogrammed places, enabling us to sketch out conceptual leads for their appropriation and transformation. The project lies to become a creative «protocol factory», transmitted throught performative «scores» for urban regeneration processes, that will be experimented in differents cities in Europe. The use of performative « scores » in relation to city making originate from the 1960s, with the collaboration of landscape architect Lawrence Halprin (1916-2009) and choreographer Anna Halprin (1920-2021). I’m now conducting a research in California about their collaboration that feed the Trans-Figurations.org project : a heritage to be shared, extended and translated into contemporary issues within Europe. The terms trans- and figuration are widely used in the field of city making. Trans- is a prefix to hybridize ways of doing things and cross disciplines. Figuration is part of prefiguration - omnipresent in the language of alternative practices. The latin word transfigurare means "to metamorphose, to change, to transform". This new initial phase seeks to precede normative prefigurations, to avoid the usuel and aesthetic standardizations in transitional urbanism models. It’s a social and artistic alternative to generate possibilities of emergence for urban transformation orders, in gradual, inclusive and creative ways, to experiment new tools of actions to rehabilitate a collective power of making the city. The digital plateform will become an interactive and collaborative map of experimental practices, sharing and reflecting on the unfolding processes of urban regeneration that would occurs from it : an open source library for performative « scores » dedicated to freed citizen’s creativity in urban environment.

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