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Scoring Paris, 12 décembre 2019

SCORING THE CITY takes inspiration from the graphic score, a type of notation that has flourished in experimental music traditions since the 1960s. It seeks to explore the possibilities of using the graphic score as a model for architectural and urban design. While architects and planners regularly work with two-dimensional design forms like blueprints and plans, they typically imagine their designs as fixed forms that can only lead to one outcome. By contrast the graphic score in experimental music is treated as an open and dynamic form: a notation that invites numerous interpretations, improvisation and interaction. By facilitating knowledge exchange between music/sound art and architecture/design communities through the medium of the graphic score, we hope to expand the tools that architects and urbanists have to shape the lives of cities. Over 12 months we are hosting 4 workshops in very different cities, that have common challenges: London and Paris, two global cities needing to create flexible space to accommodate rapid economic and socio-cultural change; and Belfast and Beirut, cities marked by conflict needing to find common spaces across sectarian divides.

We will facilitate architects and composers to design graphic scores that function as architectural/urban models. This will lead to a joint publication featuring these designs, critical commentary, and videos, to be launched in 2020.

The project is organised by Gascia Ouzounian and John Bingham-Hall with support from a
Knowledge Exchange Fellowship awarded by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.

PROGRAMME : TM Scoring Paris

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